Fitness Concierge Experts

Fitness Concierge Experts offering personalized fitness services.  We want to encourage you to achieve & maintain your fitness goals. We're bringing fitness straight to you, let us show you how YOUFIT2!

YF2 Virtual Fitness Programs

YOUFIT2 is excited to offer Virtual Fitness training!  It's conveniently available in your home, office, vacation, or even the gym!  You can use your mobile device or tablet to access your workouts.  YF2 Virtual allows you to have a mobile personal trainer that develops a fitness program just for you, as well as meal plan options and much more!  Get started today & try a week for free.....sign up now!

 Individual & Group Fitness Programs

YOUFIT2 offers exclusive individual and group training sessions that are conveniently offered in the privacy of ones own home.  They are for 1-6 individuals enabling you to have the advantage of a fitness professionals individual attention with specific routines tailored just for you and your group.  These fitness sessions are 60 minutes and will include a variety of techniques to help you achieve your fitness goals.  Many family and friends enjoy the experience of staying fit together and motivating each other.   Set up a complimentary consultation today to see how we can bring fitness to you.

Special Events Fitness Programs

YOUFIT2 offers specialty fitness programs for your event or fundraiser.  We offer bridal packages, ladies night events, family fitness & fun, fitness events for organizations, as well as fitness fundraisers that provide a new fun way to get people active.  We will design a fitness plan that will meet your needs whether its for a short term period, whole day event, or a fun evening.  Set up your complimentary consultation today to see how YOUFIT2.

Corporate Events Fitness & Wellness Programs

YOUFIT2 offers physical exercise and wellness services designed for large and small groups, that are packed full of energy, create team building, are fun and most of all healthy.  Show your employees and team that their health is important to you by giving them the opportunity to participate in easy, fun and healthy options that are conveniently brought right to them.  YOUFIT2 will design a wellness program that will fit your company needs, many employers are investing in the long term health of their company as a whole.  Let us plan your next event or long term fitness initiative, set up your complimentary consultation today.

Our Fitness Concierge Experts at YOUFIT2 provide the enhanced training, education and experience that  enables us to show our clients how easy and convenient it is to fit exercise and healthy choices into life.  We provide the exclusive experience of bringing fitness to you whether it is at your home, office or event.  YOUFIT2  is a company that focuses on total health and wellness that is custom fit to your goals. 

Your fitness session will include an exercise program designed to meet your needs and goals.  During a wellness session with YOUFIT2,  you can expect to experience creatively designed fitness sessions that challenge you, pushing you through your goals, exceeding your expectations. 

We feel that enhancing your fitness experience with both privacy and convenience will encourage your decision to maintain a healthier lifestyle.  Our qualified team of exercise specialists are able to train individuals, as well as groups both small and large. 

Set up a consultation today to see how YOUFIT2  can bring fitness to you!